Platinum Fill Valve Kit
Platinum Fill Valve Kit

$16.99 / EA

Platinum Fill Toilet Valve Kit, Fill Valve Fits 99% Of Toilets, Adjustable, Longest Lasting 2" Flapper, Korky QuietfillPlatinum Fill Valve & 2 " Flapper Kit Fixes The 2 Most Commonly Replaced Parts In A Toilet, Easy To Install, Fixes No &Slow Refilling, Running, & Noisy Toilets, Quietfill Platinum Valve Is Ideal For Toilets Since 1994 1.6 GPF Or Less, Fully Adjustable To Prevent Water Waste In All Toilets, Refill Adjuster Delivers The Right Amount Of Water To The Bowl, Easy To Install & Adjust, No Tools Are Required, Designed To Fit More Toilets, Fill Valve Adjusts From 7-3/4 " To 13-1/2 ",Includes: 1 #528MP Fill Valve, 1 #100Bp 2" Flapper, 1 Refill Tube & Clip, 1 Mounting Nut, 1 Cone Washer, 1 Coupling Nut, 1 Tamper Proof Key & Instructions.

/ EA